COME DOWN AND SUPPORT RED KITE’S FIRST ESPLANADE WEEKEND! A whole four days of smashing gigs at the brand new Outdoor Theatre. Which means its absolutely free! Which means you can come and go whenever you like! Here’s the line-up and show times. 1st January THURSDAY – Sonofa its percussionists drumming chill-out and club beats… Read More

i had a taste of chaos!

When A Vacant Affair opened for the show, I thought to myself, would I stay this comfortable, clean and having enough space around me the whole time? I thought wrong. The minute As I Lay Dying hit their first note… the whole crowd was pushing and moshing. Not in a bad way though! I was… Read More

We’re going to the chapel, gonna get maaarried

The White Rabbit, is pretty much THE place to get a wedding done. It’s like a chapel, long banquet tables like those of Harry Potter’s. Got a nice bar, outdoor area for mini chillout, dancing… and a stage for my band! Thanks to Christopher Corlett and his wife Christine.