‘Singing Angel’ by The Basics

The Basics took part in the Christmas cheer not just by singing but by donning wings and acting like Angels. On 17 & 18 december, they delighted shoppers with traditional and contemporary Christmas music, spreading the Christmas joy to all at Citylink Mall. Soundcheck: The Basics, featuring Jeremy, Ariel and Alvin.  

Asia Business Leaders Awards by CNBC

Nothing short of glitz and glamour, the Asia Business Leaders Awards was definitely one of the prettiest events we’ve seen. Attended by CEOs across Asia, every one strutted around in designer – down to heels and cufflinks – but of course, it is the fashion of not just the top class, but the savvy media… Read More

RHB packs some Dim Sum for entertainment

The SCSB are still in action, just in case you are wondering. Hot and steamy as usual. For RHB’s anniversary on 28 October, planned by ALcotrad, the quartet met their old friend The Flying Dutchman, from One Moment of Glory. The entertainment-packed night had the audience glued to the stage with light-laser shows, dances and… Read More

“Super Cute” wedding celebrations of Lawrence & Pei Ching

The title of this post was adapted from their very own wedding speeches, within which was how Pei Ching described Lawrence – “my super cute and handsome husband”, and inspired by their comment of the band: “We are super happy with the band!” Though a last minute replacement, Lawrence & Pei Ching were won over… Read More

What’s Your Birthstone?

At the Tiffany & Co. boutique this week, there was a mini cocktail party on gemstones. An expert explained the properties of each birthstone (according to month) and its benefits. I’m not quite a believer in stones, but it was interesting nonetheless. Paige & Justin took a small corner, tucked themselves there but filled the… Read More

A Night With Changing Hues

Changing Hues performs for the dinner for Asia Pacific Coating Night held at Marina Bay Sands. The soaring vocals of Robert Sunga was accompanied by his band mates, Jessica Irawan (pianist) and Lee Fengheng (guitarist, who recently won the nationwide NEA Challenge).

Did you say whiskey?

Organised by Big MC, Red Kite was invited to provide live jazz entertainment for a crowd of booze enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs. Beam distributes a lot of brands that we often consume, most prominently the household whiskey brand Jim Beam. Meryl & her mates were set in a garden atmosphere that is actually at the… Read More