Asia Business Leaders Awards by CNBC

Nothing short of glitz and glamour, the Asia Business Leaders Awards was definitely one of the prettiest events we’ve seen.

Attended by CEOs across Asia, every one strutted around in designer – down to heels and cufflinks – but of course, it is the fashion of not just the top class, but the savvy media top class people.

Cameramen rushed around the premises as the event was fed live on CNBC and there was a whole production truck parked outside of the ballroom foyer.

We came in late, to round up the event with a ‘after event cocktail’ – a first for us.

Meryl, Yi Zhe and Sooty, performing upbeat jazz and swing, helped the after dinner crowd ease into a lounge mode, and the band had them linger till near midnight.

The champagne, wine and beer were perfect complements to the music, closing the grand event with a soulful touch of Meryl’s vocals.

Special thanks to organising event company Spark Planners and CNBC!

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