Glitzy Stuff at Resorts World

It was a first. We had 7 sessionists and Shi Li on vocals who were more than 10 metres across the room of each other play together as a band. Kudos to these jolly good fellows who made it work!

Ed&C engaged Red Kite to perform for the clients of OCBC’s Enterprise Banking. Held at the Resorts World, the turnout was close to a 1,000 people, all eager to be at the new IR while it’s carpets are still fresh and not destroyed by trampling.

There were also dancers and this fancy water dancing act. It was an acrobat who pulled it off, no ordinary dancer could have done it!

Here’s a few pictures of what went on through the night.

Here’s half the band.

Take a look at the intro piece (dont get giddy, I had to repeatedly swerve 360 degrees to focus the camera on the next musician)


Now presenting to you the musicians…

brandon on drums

Qizhong on bass

Leo Mendoza on Saxophone

Regan Wickman on trombone

Daniel on trumpet

Zhonghern on keys

Eugene on guitars

Shi Li on vox

the sunjar ensemble as of 04 mar 2010


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