Lessons Every Band Should Take from RSF

RSF was engaged to perform at HP’s corporate dinner, through Design and Marketing. It was the last night of the Sales Kickoff Conference in Singapore and it was held at Marina Bay Sands. It dawned on me why RSF is such a successful band. Here are some pointers to share:

1. If you dont enjoy yourselves on stage, no one will enjoy watching you perform

There’s always a lot of eye contact between Laz & Bianca, and they work together when they sing, the band moves around the stage acknowledging each others’ presence as well. little things, but I notice!

2. Presentation is important. You take the stage, you are the star

Ken made a costume change between sets. how awesome

3. Musicians are hardly have showmanship. RSF certainly does though

4. Don’t stop the music if people are getting into it

5. Interact with your audience, make them feel a part of the party

6. Be easy to work with!

The highlight of the evening was when I bumped into Eugene Lam, who is a staff of HP. Of course, we couldnt resist asking him on stage to jam.


Watch how Ken jumps off stage in this video to dance with the audience:


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