Manhattan Fish Market’s GOOD MORNING ‘String Mob’ by Quartetto

Manhattan Fish Market really have a penchant for the most creative and experiential marketing ideas! Last Christmas, they had collaborated with Red Kite in creating a Christmas Carol Flash Mob with our A Capella singers. It happened during one of their busiest dinner peak period, and boy, it was such a lovely surprise for their customers, and a rare and ecstatic experience for all of us who were involved!

This October, Manhattan Fish Market strikes again! This time with a ‘string mob’ to greet their new customers at United Square where they have opened a new outlet. Formed by three members of Quartetto, a Singaporean ladies’ string quartet, the three ladies begun their stint at 8.30am in the morning as Manhattan Fish Market waiters & marketing personnel turns the usually quiet walkway and escalator towards the office into a refreshing path filled with refreshing classical and jazz music…


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