NOIR Dine with the Masters!

It was another beautiful evening at the National Museum of Singapore where HSBC’s Dine with the Masters is held to launch the new gallery of Dreams and Reality which were flew into our musuem from Paris.

The small yet grand affair was accompanied by local jazz band, Noir. Led by Melissa Tham (vocalist), the quartet consisting of sax, piano, double bass and herself, who was also the emcee for the night.

Noir is a new line up of jazz lovers led by Melissa Tham (vocalist) in Singapore.

As what its name suggests, Noir brought a blend of jazz – stylish with a hint of melodrama (if you are a lover of film noir, you know what I mean) – through their choice of songs and delivery. The combination of Mel’s vocals flowing over the bass, piano and sax was smooth yet deliberate to capture the ‘noir’ I was talking about. Jazz with an attitude.

Dreams and Reality proves to be a remarkable collection of art masterpieces. Although I hardly understood arts appreciaton (unless where music is concerned), I was hooked onto the presentation by the curator who spent a considerable length of time sharing her ‘stories’ from each painting.
Melissa closed the event with ‘C’est Si Bon’, a French song which translates to ‘It’s So Good’ in English.

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