Procrastination Ate Me Up

And so, the events that I will be relating to you will not be in order. Procrastination never felt so real.

Here’s the Esplanade Funky Monkey Weekend. Didn’t get that many pictures though, but I have some of The Project. The other bands that performed were The Raindogs and RSF.

Crazy moshers. Ok no, just pure dancing. I’ve never seen something like that at the outdoor before



Ok next:

Sharon & Phil’s wedding! At the The Sentosa Resort & Spa

A string quartet – Cordas Quad for the solemnization

Here comes the bride

Paige & KC for dinner music

DJNicky for the dance music

Next Stop: Circle Line Opening

We had Vocollision & Singapore Char Siew Baos, thanks to VMSD.


Line dancing always works.

And aunty lucy of cos! too bad i couldnt get her signature

And our beloved SCSB

Now for some country club groovin’ at Warren Golf & Country Club. Retro Groove takes the stage, the members took the floor. They were line dancing to EVERY song. how awesome.


One more before I end this post.

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy. Fortunate Restaurant at TPY. SCSB performs Mondays, Wednesdays for dinner and Saturdays and Sundays for dim sum lunch.

Tricia Zhou & the ex dragon fly boys perform on Fridays.




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