Pure Heroine, Lorde – Review

This review is (fashionably, of course) late, I know. I can explain. The bottom line is, I felt compelled to write about it, because Pure Heroine and Lorde herself, impressed me. This delayed exposition is because the obnoxious indie snob (me) felt the common reaction to a supposedly indie act on a commercial radio station – disdain.


When Royals was broadcasted not just on radio but on a wide screen in Orchard, it started to hurt my eardrums. The local music scene further brutalised the identity by covering it.


Only until I heard the likes of Team, and after CHVRCHES did a cover of it, I was tantalised to check this prodigy out for real.


And I was blown away. Tennis Court was the first peel to the core, revealing how this teenager could very well be something I would play on my ipod everyday. I must laud Lorde for her kindness to drum and bass lines in her songs, allowing them to take precedence in many tracks. Her hints of electronica with the synth tapped on my weakness to succumb in appreciation.


Buzzcut Season and Glory and Gore sealed the deal for me. Lorde, I am glad we got acquainted beyond Royals. I know I might be maimed by true indie cum Lorde lovers though. It could have been me in their place, lashing at others by saying, do you know Foster the People beyond Pumped Up Kicks? What about MGMT beyond Kids?


I am bashful about my misjudgement. I am sorry to music lovers, who have ears more discerning that mine. But today I am a Lorde fan, and I will admit it unabashedly.

– nateh de coco

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Lorde Singapore
Lorde Singapore
8 years ago

Check out @LordeWorldSG on Twitter and Instagram! It’s a Fanpage for the tiny Lorde fandom here in Singapore!! xox