Sarah & Gerard Wed at Au Jardin 29 November 2012

Au Jardin is the perfect maisonette to hold your little wedding. It is set in the Botanic Gardens and apart from being settled within flora, it has a vintage touch to its building design. The lawn area is perfect for solemnisation, and the bar downstairs with leather sofas and dim lamps create the perfect atmosphere for combed back hair and black suits.

Upstairs, waiters in vests and bow ties will serve you like you live in a lush house with a chic dining room that can house less than 60 people. French cuisine, of course, is fit for the fine palate only.

The ending touch is definitely this: a pianist, a double bassist and an elegant singer with a sense of humour. Wait, maybe not the sense of humour, but thats the kind of vibe Charlene brings to her gigs. Cheerful and always ready to inject life. Titus and Sikai were perfectly suited up accompanying musicians, who were probably suspects for being undercover bodyguards.

Congratulations to the couple for getting the perfect formula to a unique wedding.

(Bodyguard services were not included)

At the Solemnisation



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