“Super Cute” wedding celebrations of Lawrence & Pei Ching

The title of this post was adapted from their very own wedding speeches, within which was how Pei Ching described Lawrence – “my super cute and handsome husband”, and inspired by their comment of the band:

“We are super happy with the band!”

Though a last minute replacement, Lawrence & Pei Ching were won over by Celestine’s edgy vocal tone, backed up by Clifton’s nifty finger-picking skills along with Fadil’s fitting delivery on bass.

The couple had been together 8 years and is clearly a fun loving and humourous duo. We were also super glad to be there at the Horizon Pavilion at Rasa Sentosa with you!







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10 years ago

had the chance to catch Celestine again at a friend’s wedding – still thoroughly impressed by the band and Celestine’s performance!!


[…] On 16 March, the day finally came. Celestine & Clifton were the exact duo that performed at their friend’s wedding. And you can read about that wedding here : http://sglivemusic.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/super-cute-wedding-celebrations-of-lawrence-pei-ching/#c… […]