Cars & all that jazz

George P Johnson helped to organise the conference which included a visit to the Mclaren showroom. “Unplugged” jazz sessions filled the big space, among the luxury cars while the guests helped themselves to the canapes and drinks. The music maestros were Rick Smith, Tony Mac & Corey Manders. [youtube=] [youtube=]

Bosch – Power & Innovation

We love lunch gigs. Bosch held a morning event at its home grounds near Jln Pemimpin on the 18th of May. Invited musicians were the Blue Monks – Willy on bass, Corey Manders on sax and Regi Leo on guitars. Bosch, having acquired EV, used it system to support the audio requirements of the band…. Read More

Jazz Atop Fullerton Bay Hotel – Lantern

We were invited by Essential Venture to bring on some jazz entertainment for CIMB preferred customers. I’m sure many of which were excited to make their virgin trip to the Fullerton Bay Hotel. We had Corey Manders on sax, Willie on Bass and Aynslee on keys. sucks to be you