Vertu’s Product Launch at White Rabbit

On 23rd October, Vertu had a launch party at the White Rabbit. The commercial chapel-like restaurant bar saw many savvy individuals which included fashionistas and people with taste – for a sleek mobile phone that only the discerning and possibly more well-off would posess. Vertu is a familiar brand to those who can afford it…. Read More

Singapore Yacht Show 2013

The annual Singapore Yacht Show is held at One Deg 15 Sentosa this year, with tents of exhibitors related to yachts or a luxury life style! To add a spark to the event, jazz strollers Rick Smith, Corey Manders and Rit are presenting a unique trio – guitar, sax and flute. The trio will move… Read More

Flute Ensemble Performance at the Russian Embassy

It was a night of celebrations for some it’s the achievement that they obtain in competitive platform, for some it’s the effort they put into numerous of hours of hard work practicing. This brings a tinge bit of flavour to the usual solemn atmosphere of the Russian Embassy. [youtube=]

Young Talented Flutists open PIAGET’s Exclusive Launch

Red Kite is proud to present a duet of young, homegrown flutists for Piaget’s Exclusive Launch held at Hotel Fort Canning’s Gattopardo. Gattopardo went through a complete overhaul! Where the cozy restaurant was, stood a makeshift garden that was filled with flowery ornaments, reflecting the floral theme of Piaget’s latest collection. The intimate event was… Read More