Happy 2010

Red Kite managed to pull off having multiple events on New Year’s Eve, thanks to the follow bands: Singapore Char Siew Baos Los Santos Phase to Face Audionauts Maybe Friday All of the Above (Shi Li & company) DJ Matt Wainwright Thanks all, for making the night possible. Here are some pictures where I was,… Read More

Rockin’ Newly Weds

With Def Leppard on the list, there’s no stopping this couple from rocking their night away. With a carefully crafted setlist – it is their night afterall – and even the carefully selected house music (sing and big band style), ambience was created to perfection. The chosen ones to deliver was Impromptu – Rizal on… Read More

NUS Business School Commencement Dinner

A total of four? five? ballrooms at Swissotel Stamford were occupied last evening for the graduation party for the various cohorts in NUS Business School – BBA, MBA, Apex etc We were running around like ge tai singers. From one ballroom to the next. Well, only the Singapore Char Siew Baos that is, Ryzal and… Read More