J’adore performs for Lawyers

For those of you who know J’adore you would think its ironic, but it was pure coincidence as J’adore was selected to perform for ASEAN Law Association’s Welcome Reception for ASEAN Chief Justices and ALA Governing Council.  Held at the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay, the quartet performed their usual jazz repertoire for… Read More

Ending December 2012 With a Bang

It was a busy December in 2012 , a lot was happening and Thanks for everyone for the Support for Redkite. It a brand New Year now and hope that everyone is heading for higher heights in their life. This is a recap of happenings during the last two weeks of December. Enjoy. Can’t Get… Read More

The Five Days at Shangri-la with Dylan Foster’s trio and J’adore

I’m jumping the gun – the five days haven’t ended, but I’m getting excited so I’m sharing the photos and videos with you. Spread out for the later part of March, BTI (Korean conference company) organised a five days of retreat for five different groups of Koreans. Each night, the entertainment stays roughly the same,… Read More