Desmond & Lay Peng’s Wedding , 6 September 2014

Tucked away in Singapore’s beautiful Botanic Gardens,Desmond & Lay Peng had their solemnisation ceremony at Burkill Hall on 6 September 2014. We were grateful for their engagement with Red Kite, to have Joanna Dong performing on that lovely evening with her beautiful voice. The atomsphere was indeed filled with love, laughter and joy. Congratulations to the… Read More

Abe & WeiLi’s Wedding, 5 September 2014

  It was a sweet affair between Abe & WeiLi and everyone present knew it. The couple had invited Gareth Fernandez to deliver a performance that have filled the room with lots of love through his vocal and the beautiful tunes. Here’s wishing Abe & WeiLi a blissful marriage! Congratulations!

Guest Singers at Gunawan & Marki’s Wedding

            Tucked away on the island of Sentosa at Capella Singapore, Gunawan & Marki’s Wedding were graced by their family and friends who flew from various parts of the world for the beautiful couple. The evening started with Quartetto welcoming the guest with a set of instrumental tunes. Phoebee, Titus… Read More

Singapore Yacht Show 2013

The annual Singapore Yacht Show is held at One Deg 15 Sentosa this year, with tents of exhibitors related to yachts or a luxury life style! To add a spark to the event, jazz strollers Rick Smith, Corey Manders and Rit are presenting a unique trio – guitar, sax and flute. The trio will move… Read More

How Your Mother Held My Hand

This wedding was a dear one as it was for Alvina and Gabriel, whom are my friends that I hold dearly. Of course, everything was special and non-conventional. Even their video title of their love story which I conveniently used as this blog’s title. After a morning ceremony at St Francis Xavier the couple were… Read More

A Romantic Garden for Andre & Tracey

The Sentosa Spa and Resort has a pretty lawn that allows for many kindred hearts to have their marriages and solemnisation. Andrew & Tracey did it slightly specially, as they had those air-borne lanterns prepared. (those you see in TW?) They also had Quartetto and their uncle who is a fabulous classical guitarist do the… Read More

Offbeatz at GSK’s Family Day

Offbeatz drummed the entrance of GSK’s CEO earlier this month, officiating the start of their fun-filled family day at Tanjong Beach. They had stalls offering Old Chang Kee, Gong Cha and other game stations, organised by Inspiration Events. Here’s how it went: [youtube]

Asia Business Leaders Awards by CNBC

Nothing short of glitz and glamour, the Asia Business Leaders Awards was definitely one of the prettiest events we’ve seen. Attended by CEOs across Asia, every one strutted around in designer – down to heels and cufflinks – but of course, it is the fashion of not just the top class, but the savvy media… Read More

Syltra Lee sets the mood of nostalgia at Shell Family Carnival 2011

 Shell Family Carnival Shell Family Carnival 2011 happened on a sunny and breezy Sunday evening by Tanjong Beach at Sentosa. Packed with a long line of fun-filled booths for the children, parents and grandfathers joined in the fun too with games (brought to us by the event organiser & social enterprise, Adrenalin) which brought much… Read More

Salsa Fiesta!

Duke NUS celebrates Dinner & Dance 2011 with Salsa! Located at Sentosa Cove, the salsa-themed party was celebrated at the panoramic One Degree 15. Red Kite was the proud party organiser for the team of doctors, nurses, scholars and researchers who dedicate their lives in medicine. On the contrary to what people usually have an… Read More

Kaspar & Belinda’s Suburbian Wedding Party

Kaspar & Belinda celebrated their holy matrimony like no other. Apart from holding it in a cosy setting at Sentosa’s Suburbia, there was a host of Chinese and Swedish traditions held on to through the night. Of course, a touch of general Western with the bouquet throwing, the DJ party and the cuisine. Relishing all… Read More