Yumetori at Woh Hup’s Appreciation Dinner

Planned nicely by Maverique Events, Yumetori was invited to sing for Woh Hup’s annual Appreciation Dinner at Carlton Hotel for their subcontractors. Ian wasn’t able to make it that day so Sharon Nunis backed Ariel Foo up on piano that evening. When they acceded to the Shanghai Tang request, the guests gave them a standing… Read More

Nice finale – Gangnam Styled – Wedding of Carol & Kevin

You wouldn’t expect any less from Charlene when she sings or emcees. Carol & Kevin had picked the bubbly and cheerful girl for a mix of jazz and pop tunes for their wedding night, and she delivered her servings well indeed, inciting laughter and admiration for her ‘sultry’ vocals at the same time. When she… Read More

Wedding of Ee How & Lifeng

Gabriel & Sharon performed Canon in D for the couple who loved traditions. It was held in Shangri-La’s Waterfall Terrace. After we moved to the Tower ballroom, where Juliet, Sharon, Shawn & Eddie Jansen were performing, a little girl came up and wanted to sing. Talk about having what it takes to be a star…. Read More