KMPG’s recreation club celebrates another year of perseverance, sweat and awards as they close the year’s activities at the lounge area of their very own office. Syltra & band, albeit only 3 piece, was able to fill the place up with the latest, heart thumping pop tunes, synching themselves with the party hungry crowd.

Syltra Lee sets the mood of nostalgia at Shell Family Carnival 2011

 Shell Family Carnival Shell Family Carnival 2011 happened on a sunny and breezy Sunday evening by Tanjong Beach at Sentosa. Packed with a long line of fun-filled booths for the children, parents and grandfathers joined in the fun too with games (brought to us by the event organiser & social enterprise, Adrenalin) which brought much… Read More

S..S..Sisters rock

Under a special feature by the Esplanade, Syltra & Shermin Lee, both musicians but whom have chosen different paths in their music, performed together on 5 & 6 October. Themed ‘I Love You Sister!’, the duo performed at the Concourse to light acoustic favourites, engaging the crowd as well as, of course, their parents. [youtube=]

The Syltra Lee Trio

Songs you love, tunes you’d sing to: presents Syltra Lee’s trio –> Syltra, Alvin Tan & Bani, all the musci maestros from The Music Lab. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]

Coastes 6th Anniversary

My favourite party! Free music, food and booze. This year, we have Syltra, Fugene & Alvin from The Music Lab for the acoustic sets and RSF for the party sets. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]