Christmas Eve Happenings

Juliet, Wah Yong & James had a Christmas party in the afternoonwith Junnimed, a medical equipment company in their cosy office. [youtube=] [youtube=] MARINE COVE Singapore Char Siew Baos started the evening at Marine Cove with a one hour performance before heading to Jewelbox to do their usual, except that they had loads of Christmas… Read More

Johnny & Fay’s wedding @ Hilton

12 December 2009 It was a fine sunny afternoon…. And we’re glad to be indoors, away from the blazing sun. At the 24th level, paranoma room, with Tanya, Eugene & ET serenading the crowd at Johnny & Fay’s wedding. Tanya emcees! Here’s the band [youtube=] [youtube=]

Officers’ Commissioning Ball

[youtube=] Tanya was the highlight for the officers that evening when she graced the stage to pamper the boys (and their dates) with her jazz numbers. A very supportive crowd, and I’m sure she felt like a star! Featuring Yonglun on guitar and Dominic (Singapore Char Siew Baos) on sax. [youtube=]

HTAI Conference

While I was away, Ewen helped take charge of the coordination for this conference dinner at the National Museum. Called HTAI 6th Annual Meeting, its a Global and Health Technolody Assessment organised by NHG that culminated in a dinner (and dance because we made it happen – ahuh). This event was attended by doctors and… Read More

Valentine’s Frenzy

We had strollers going to various Swensen’s outlets to romance guests with a bit of an  old school touch – the acoustic guitar. And at Villa Bali, we had Shafi’s and Ye Lea’s big day: And there’s the post-valentine’s day gig at Esplanade outdoor? featuring the dancing uncle: [youtube=]