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Ahoy! Our new series Talent of the month will feature one notable band/musician each month to bring them into the spotlight. This June we have a bunch of singers that will show you how vocal harmony can be appreciated in new ways. 

As their name suggests, the The Apex Project is making their way to the top. Since their inception in 2016, they have won local and regional awards, released over 30 videos on Youtube, successfully crowdfunded for their debut EP Adam and are already in the talks to do an Asia tour.

If you haven’t heard of them, it’s about time.

Apex 1

This a cappella group features notable musicians from Singapore. Emerging from different backgrounds, the group is led by Cheeyang Ng, the winner of Singapore’s first Campus Superstar and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

Thank God that our Singaporean talent came back to our country, despite having packed a punch under his belt in the States. He worked with the music producer of Pitch Perfect, Deke Sharon, and toured in the US with Vocalosity, an a cappella supergroup.

The other members have their own impressive stories and musical journeys as well, ranging from winning competitions, being music directors and being judges at music championships.

This dynamic bunch pays homage to their roots by having arrangements of national and community-themed songs such as this one:


They also react to world events with a heart – their dedicated a tribute to the Orlando shooting victims with A Dream to Fix You.


“I would say that we all have different backgrounds but coming together allows us to create something different from what we usually do, as well as something different from what is readily available in the current market. We try to infuse different aspects of the arts such as visual arts, poetry, theatrical elements with music as our main medium for conveying various messages to the public. This will become more apparent when we release our EP, ADAM. The digital album will be released on 15 July and made available on all major platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. The actual launch event will be on 26th August!” shared Yvonne, the alto of the group.

Their debut EP Adam, will consist of 4 original songs, that embodies the members of The Apex Project, their musical journeys and struggles in life. Different art forms such as film, music and dance will be incorporated, changing the experience of experiencing a cappella music.

Find out more about how you can hire this revolutionary group for your events from us!

Apex 3

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