The Five Days at Shangri-la with Dylan Foster’s trio and J’adore

I’m jumping the gun – the five days haven’t ended, but I’m getting excited so I’m sharing the photos and videos with you. Spread out for the later part of March, BTI (Korean conference company) organised a five days of retreat for five different groups of Koreans. Each night, the entertainment stays roughly the same, though not quite.

J’adore, the ladies quartet – provides for dinner entertainment. They make me realise that classical music isn’t boring, its delightful and could be a perfect accompaniment for food and wine. The ladies themselves of course, look great and are a joy to watch.


Dylan Foster, entertainer and jazz singer, groups with Mei or Wei on keys and Pablo on his neat percussion kit, brings some swing and pop to the guests as an after dinner show. I say its a show because it’s not quite Dylan to become background music. His personality stands out and theres no way you can ignore him and continue your dinner, simply because he tries to engage you, be it in song or dance.

So far, the Koreans love them. Dylan is always swamped by the Korean ladies after each show, all requesting photos with him. Each night, there is always an encore. The whole ballroom magically chants ‘ENCORE!’ after Dylan ‘threatens’ to leave the stage. Dylan handles it with a bit of coy and eventually accedes. How could he not? EVERYBODY was asking for another song. Hard to be popular eh? J’adore always leaves with loud applause lining their exit. Koreans are very appreciative and supportive people!

There’s three more nights to go. I’m sure each time, I will be taken by surprise. The guests danced themselves away the first night, the quieter bunch lingered on late for photos on the second. What will come for the rest? Pleasant surprises await.




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