Wo Yao Ni

I like. T’was a mingle of shanghai styled guests and old tunes last night at Swisstotel. T’was the wedding of George & Michelle. My team was made up of Ruby on vocals, Jason & Jacob on guitars and Dominic on sax.


George had serenaded Michelle with a re enactment of what song he sang in the morning (Moon represents my muh heart)


During which, I’m glad Jacob & Dominic spontaneously left their seats to provide for the soundtrack


And also when Michelle’s grandma came up to sing Bengawan Solo! She even told the band, “C”. We were impressed.

img_3997and George made an impromtu request to sing Somebody by Depeche Mode


Here’s the Wo Yao Ni video by Ruby.. and a picture of the band, which called themselves Char Shao Baos?! yesterday. They will be performing at Esplanade 24 January at the Outdoor theatre. More updates about that soon.



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