Duo Violin at the Transworld Event at M Hotel Banquet Suite

Melodies of the season bringing in uplifting and soothing feelings to the Banquet Suite Lobby at M hotel. Played by 2 wonderful ladies Hui Wen and Hui Qi with their violins, lit up the spirits of the people attending the event that night.

San Nikkis light the sparks

San Nikkis burst in with song and energy during the Sam Woh D&D organised by Inspiration Ideas at Grand Corpthorne Waterfront, 30 Dece 2011. Strolling in with their arresting tune on the violins and cello, the audience sat enraptured in their seats. FOllowing their performance, a pyrotechnics display went off at the yard just beside… Read More

Going Classical

Joanne & Javid wedded on 10 July 2010, at The Sentosa Resort & Spa. Javid, being a great fan of classical music, had a classical duet (violin & piano). The songs selected for the wedding were: Haendel’s Serse Largo – march in 1. JS Bach – Suite in D major 2. Chopin – “Tristesse” Etude,… Read More