1023 (read: Ten Twenty Three) is a 6-member a cappella group that is always game to push the boundaries of singing without instruments. The group is intrigued by music of all languages and genres, and enjoys experimenting with both traditional and contemporary music elements.

Born-and-bred Singaporeans, 1023 often draws inspiration from the songs they grew up with – be it the loud pop anthems blaring from heartland stores, tunes grandma used to hum, or community songs from school assembly singalong sessions. In 2018, the group released a video with their take on local Tamil songs, Munnaeru Vaalibaa and Singai Naadu, which also showcases konnakkol, the carnatic performance art of spoken percussion. The medley reached more than 1 million viewers worldwide and received local & international press coverage, as well as a mention by our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong. The viral video was also awarded the Best Folk/World Video at the Contemporary A Cappella Society’s (CASA) A Cappella Video Awards held in the USA. As firm believers that music is for everyone, 1023 hopes to bridge the distance across generations with their brand of a cappella music.