Be Still.. Just Drink and Chill to good music

Introducing the fresh kid on the block – Still Bar of 22 Dempsey Road. This was where Oosh was, and now it has been taken over by one management to be split into four f&b outlets. There must be a bar in there… and there is. The Still bar.

A similar concept to Oosh, Still bar is a more intimate space with the popular al fresco seating. It serves bar bites, oysters on certain days and your drinks.

On every night, there would be something to entertain. On mondays, there are dancers. And the rest of the days (here goes my part)

Tuesdays – Acoustic Interpretations with Amanda Tee & Angus Sham

8pm onwards

A favourite since she was 17. She hasnt grown much, not a bad thing Amanda, means that you’ve still retained that childlike charm and sincere vocals. 🙂

Wednesdays & Thursdays – Jazz & Bossa Nights

830 onwards

Popular jazz babe Dawn Ho & Munir performs every midweek, serving you a platter of chill pills to ease the work stress away. Eye candy helps too.

Friday – The Zsa & Claire Auction (non-official name)

930 onwards

I dont know any duo more suitable for each other. I don’t know any duo with more personality. I also don’t know any other worth beguiling my night with.

Saturday – The Charm & Claire Concoction (Unofficial again)

930 onwards

One can play with puns, no? Especially if you C the Connection with Charm & Claire. Ok enough. Too sweet to miss, these two.

(photo to come)

Sunday – Jam Night with A-tee

8pm onwards

So Tee off the moping Sunday (because Monday is coming) by having a blast at singing or jamming with Amanda Tee. Bring all the musicians!!

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