Camera Obscura

It took such a long while for the crowd to warm up. Although I was at the first row, every one around me was afraid to stand up. I cannot, I simply cannot understand concerts that need people to be seated. It was only when Traceyanne said “U can stand up if you like.” then did the entire friggin audience stand up at last.

‘HUM’ of the year.

After that, the concert became alot more enjoyable. The crowd was alot more interactive. It’s so damn stupid.

Anyway, the band was nice to exhaust the line right til the end during the autography session. But it was obvious that Traceyanne was tired from all the picture taking and fan-mobbing. “We need to get some sleep,” she said. Carey was so camera shy and surprised at the antics of us fans. Like, we’d do anything for a picture.

So, I certainly don’t understand what this ‘groupie’ mentality is all about but I am certainly one.


Lets Get Out of this Country!


Hey Lloyd


False Contender


Eighties Fan


Tears for Affairs

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