Kaspar & Belinda’s Suburbian Wedding Party

Kaspar & Belinda celebrated their holy matrimony like no other. Apart from holding it in a cosy setting at Sentosa’s Suburbia, there was a host of Chinese and Swedish traditions held on to through the night. Of course, a touch of general Western with the bouquet throwing, the DJ party and the cuisine.

Relishing all things Swedish, absurd and traditional, the night was filled with sing-a-longs to Swedish songs and the tradition of men lining up to present a rose to the bride. The highlight was of course, the fake ABBAs, dressed in skin-tight white apparel, with handmade platforms, blonde wigs and shimmering hats.

The did Dancing Queen and Waterloo, representing the music moguls of their country. The highly unsynchronised dance moves were unnoticed as much attention was given to the now unrecognisable gentlemen who were earlier in their suits and ties. Flashes flickered and laughter filled the air.. they set the mood for party, and DJ Nicky took them through the night of happiness, love and friendship.

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