Nicole Verghese & band celebrates the wedding of Imran & Sharifah

Along with the newly-weds’ family and friends, Nicole Verghese & band joined in the celebration of Imran and Sharifah at one of the exquisite ballrooms of Singapore’s Grand Hyatt hotel. With a delightful blend of love songs, Nicole & band enlivened their avid crowd with classics like ‘Angels Brought Me Here’ to recent popular hits such as ‘No One’ and ‘Just The Way You Are’.

Besides being enthralled by Nicole’s sweet renditions of those love songs, I was exceptionally moved by the bride’s speech on this wedding night. While Sharifah was sharing her slow but heartfelt word of appreciation for her guests, she almost broke into tears. Her husband, Imran, had put his arm around her in a silent gesture of support and encouragement to carry her through her tearful thank yous for her family and friends before she officially embrace a new life with him.

As Imran and Sharifah was ushered down their wedding stage, Nicole & band begun playing A Whole New World.  Suddenly, I begun to fully understand why the song  (made popular by Disney’s Aladdin) is one which was always requested during weddings…

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