Singapore Char Siew Baos plays their part for Japan in IndoChine CARES

IndoChine CARES is an IndoChine’s initiative in collaboration with Red Cross Society to raise funds for the survivors of the recent disaster that struck Japan. Held on the grounds of IndoChine’s The Forbidden City, funds were raised through an auction which included paintings by famous Asian artists, travel packages and Singapore Char Siew Baos!

Just pulling your leg about the last one… Singapore Char Siew Baos was the local band who played their part in IndoChine CARES through their honorary performance!

With spirited vocals, guitars and saxophone, Singapore Char Siew Baos is a beautiful blend of musicians who filled The Forbidden City with an evening of soothing tunes, and towards the end, rather feisty covers such as Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.


With Jacob (guitarist) leading on vocals for the cover of Money Can’t Buy Me Love, SCSB started the evening with a list of lighthearted songs.

Ruby (lead vocalist) revealed some of her thick and smooth vocals with the heartwarming cover of Close To You, originally by The Carpenters. With her strong yet gentle vocal projection of the classic Carpenter hit, it was one of my favorite covers for the evening.

Younger folks would definitely know how to appreciate this cover of Lucky.

Ruby demonstrates one of her most impressive vocal covers in Dream, originally by The Cranberries. Somehow, the song also matched with the architectural mystic of The Forbidden City.

Jason (guitarist) certainly gave the recent R&B hit, Billionaire, a local nudge, while Dominic (saxophonist) adapted it into such a classy tune with his saxophone, an instrument which seldom finds its place among local bands like SCSB.

The auction was a huge success! IndoChine and Red Kite sincerely thank Singapore Char Siew Baos for their generous volunteering time. We truly hope we made a difference for the survivors of the Japanese disaster.

Ganbette, Japan!

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