Hansgrohe proudly presents the new AXOR with Swiss Alpine Lions

Swiss Alpine Lions

Made up of Swiss, Germans, Americans and Singaporeans, they are called the Swiss Alpine Lions (SAL) because the combination of each word represents an icon of their respective nationalities! To celebrate the birth of Axor by Hansgrohe, German manufacturer of our favorite bathroom essentials notably for their famous shower heads, SAL made a much anticipated appearance at Hansgrohe flagship store during Axor’s launch in Singapore.

With a blend of classsical and folk music, SAL brought the invited guests which include Hansgrohe’s valued customers and curious passerbys with much vigour with their Oktoberfest-inspired song arrangements while they relished German food and free flow of beer by the buffet tables. Later, SAL was also accompanied by a group of German folk dancers who danced gracefully and effortlessly along their musical pieces.

A highlight of SAL’s performance was the demonstration of Alpine. Pronouced as the ‘Al-pone’, the 4 metres long wind instrument orginated from the Alps where it was used to communicate with others including animals during the old times where phones were yet discovered. Guests of Hansgrohe had a taste (and we mean literally) of the Alpine through sessions conducted by SAL’s band leader/Alpine player for interested people to try out the rare instrument.

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