A surprise proposal

Red Kite’s first, though we’ve had enquiries of this kind before, this time round it was a plan materialised. Michael had it all sorted out – plant the band, have the band play her favourite song and he would suddenly respond to the band and make the very grand gesture after a few touching words.

And that’s what he did.

Alicia and her guitarist came prepared while we set up a simple system for them. The guests at Brussel Sprouts, including friends of the couple, had no idea that this duo was meant to sing for that one table only.

When the time came for Ally to say “Would anyone like to join us for this special song?” Michael stepped out – his gf bewildered at his actions and she probably stayed in shock for the next couple of minutes when Michael revealed that he had planned for the songs to be sung to her. In mere fleeting minutes, Michael was on one knee, with the proposal ring in his palm. And the bride had her face covered, while she let herself indulge in tears of joy behind her palms.

Her friends slowly showed up with bouquets and it felt like it was the wedding already. Ally set the mood with Christina Perri’s A thousand years while everything happened. I remember Ally giving me the ‘ohmygosh so sweet’ look while she sang to the atmosphere.

Everything went as planned, the bf now has the gf with the ring on her finger. Congratulations Michael! :))

singing to unsuspecting guests at Brussel Sprouts


'The table'


spot the couple! (left)


Michael saying sweet stuff


the moment


surprise by friends


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